"Under Water"


Yesterday I went to bed way too late

Today I got up way too late

I don’t want to isolate anymore

But it seems that we all have to isolate

I ask myself where is this all going

When will we not be isolate from each other anymore

in our rooms

but also in our hearts

we have to be more open

because then this isolation

won’t be so bad

but I feel right now that people suffer

not only because they are in their rooms, in their houses,

but also they don’t know how to connect with each other

they don’t know how to connect on a real level

because everyone is so up in their heads, in their ego, in their minds,

they all just want to be someone better,

then they are now,

trying to be someone better,

trying to fit in,

trying to impress somebody…


They are all trying so hard

To fix their lifes in some way,

They don’t see,

That everything is there,

We just need to open up our hearts

To each other.

So the Pain will go away.

It will disappear,

When we open up,

When we truly open up to each other.

Because we think, we are so different from each other,

But basically we are all the same

Having same old fears

Having same old problems

Having same old thought

Having same old stupid thoughts.

And those thoughts they won’t go away.

Will not get less,

Unless we stop the thinking,

And be connected

To each other.

Truly with your hearts.


Bild: Under Water, Lino Print/ Collage, 2018

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